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7262  Goodchild, P  J. Robert Oppenheimer : shatterer of worlds    1980  book 
7263  Shea, TE  Assuring effective iaea verification of the iran-P5+1 Agreement  IAEA|Arms Control Association|Arms Control Today  2015  book 
7264  Light, M  100 suns : 1945-1962    2003  book 
7265  Tzeng, P  Nuclear leverage: American intervention in sensitive technology transfers in the 1970s  Princeton University|SGS  2011  thesis 
7266  Fuller, JG  We almost lost Detroit    1975  book 
7267    Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station disaster : investigating the myth and reality    2014  book 
7268  Mozley, RF  The politics and technology of nuclear proliferation    1998  book 
7269  Sood, R|von Hippel, F|Halperin, MH  The road to nuclear zero: three approaches  Center for the Advanced Study of India  1998  book 
7270    Prospects for nuclear power in the Middle East: Russia's interests  Valdai Discussion Club  2016  book 
7271  Kopp, RJ|Pizer, WA  Assessing U.S. climate policy options : a report summarizing work at RFF as part of the inter-industry U.S. Climate Policy Forum  Resources for the Future  2007  book