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3932    World nuclear fuel cycle requirements 1986  DOE|EIA  1986  data 
5268    World nuclear capacity and fuel cycle requirements 1992  DOE|DOE|EIA|EIA  1992  data 
5464    World nuclear capacity and fuel cycle requirements 1992  DOE|EIA  1992  data 
5381    World nuclear capacity and fuel cycle requirement 1993  DOE|EIA  1993  data 
6347  Albright, D|Berhout, F|Walker, W  World inventory of plutonium and highly enriched uranium 1992  SIPRI  1993  book 
4360  Albright, D  World inventories of plutonium  PUCEES  1987  book 
4006    Working paper terminology relevant to arms control and outer space  Canada Dept of External Affairs  1986  book 
7032  Cirincione, J|Mathews, J T|Perkovich, G  WMD in Iraq: evidence and implications  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace  2004  book 
3985  Scheer, R  With enough shovels: Reagan, Bush and nuclear war    1983  book 
6710  Korb, L|Kraig, M  Winning the peace in the 21st century: a task force report of the strategies for US national security system  Stanley Foundation  2003  book