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5295  Dunn, L  A proliferation containment strategy  Livermore  1991  proceeding 
4843  Garrity, P J  A shift to passive deterrence  Livermore|CTS  1991  book 
7209  O'Hanlon, ME    Brookings Institution  2010  book 
4120  Beyea, J  A study of some of the consequences of hypothetical reator accidents at Barseback  PUCEES  1978  book 
6385  Tanks, D R  A study on: National missile defense:policy issues and technological capabilties  IFPA  2000  book 
6714  Richards, CW  A swift, elusive sword: what if Sun Tzu and John Boyd did a national defense review?  Center for Defense Information  2001  book 
4095  Feiveson, H A  A treaty on Limitation on Conventional, Chemical, and Nuclear Armaments and on Strategic Defense  Princeton University|Woodrow Wilson School  1987  book 
6379  Schaper, A  A treaty on the cutoff of fissile materials for nuclear weapons-What to cover? How to verify?  PRIF    book 
4132  Feiveson, H A  A wolf in sheep's clothing: quarantining the peaceful atom  PUCEES  1989  book 
6463  Bush, G|Scowcroft, B  A world transformed    1998  book