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6537  Rahn, F J|Adamantiades, A G  A guide to nuclear power technology: a resource for decision making    1992  book 
2390  Hewlett, R G|Anderson, O E, Jr.  A history of the United States Atomic Energy Commission; Volume I, 1939/1946; the new world  AEC  1962  book 
2391  Hewlett, R G|Duncan, F  A history of the United States Atomic Energy Commission; Volume II, 1947/1952; Atomic shield  AEC  1969  book 
4028  Feiveson, H A|Paine, C E|von Hippel, F  A low-threshold test ban is feasible    1987  reprint 
5911  Hamilton, M, ed.  A mountain of waste 50 years high  Nuclear Information and Resource Service  1993  proceeding 
4394  Edmunds, T A|Strait, S  A network methodology for evaluation of treaty verification  Livermore|CTS  1989  book 
6715  Carter, Ashton B|Perry, WJ|Steinbruner, JD  A new concept of cooperative security  Brookings Institution  1992  book 
7013  Mian, Z  A nuclear tiger by the tail: some problems of command and control in South Asia  PUCEES  2001  book 
4718  Sagan, C|Turco, R  A path where no man thought: nuclear winter and the end of the arms race    1990  book 
5190  Solarz, R W  A physics overview of AVLIS  Livermore  1985  book