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6913  Kahn, LH|Sidel, VW  Defense against biological weapons: can immuization secondary prevention succeed?  SGS  2003  videotape 
6914  Tucker, J B|Wheelis, M  The role for international: transparency inbiodefense R & D  SGS  2003  videotape 
6915  von Hippel, F|Tucker, J B|Moodie, M  Strengthening the BWC: lessons learned from the failed attempt to agree on a verification protocol: Where next?  SGS  2004  videotape 
6916  Silver, L|Choffnes, E|Roberts, GB  Biotechnology Research in an age of terrorism: confronting the dual use dilemma  SGS  2004  videotape 
6917  Rosenber, L|Mahmoud, A  Technical, economic and legal obstacles to the development of vaccines and other therapeutics for potential bioterrorism agents  SGS  2004  videotape 
6918  Shenk, T|Atlas, R  Response of the life-science community to the biodefense challenge  SGS  2004  videotape 
6919  Kahn, LH|Tucker, JB|von Hippel, F|Enquist, L|Shenk, T|Wright, S  The policy agenda: responses to the seminar series  SGS  2004  videotape 
6956    Atomic weapons orientation.  DOE|DOD|AEC  1998  videotape 
6822    IAEA Annual report 2005  IAEA  2005  video 
6543  Sich, A R  The Chornobyl accident revisited: source term analysis and reconstruction of events during the active phase, Vol.1  MIT  1994  Thesis (Ph.D.)