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3213  Filatov, Y., ed.  Disarmament and security yearbook, 1987  USSR Academy of Sciences|IMEMO  1988  yearbook 
6770    Naval atomic weapons vulnerability program  DOD|    videotape 
7036    SADM delivery by parachutist/swimmer  DOE|DOD  1997  videotape 
7037  Trombley, S  Stockpile: the new nuclear menace  LANL|  2001  videotape 
7038    Developing and producing the B-61  DOD    videotape 
7039    Meeting the terrorist threat  DOD|Defense Nuclear Agency|    videotape 
7040    Technical proficiency inspection  US Army|DOD|DOE  1958  videotape 
6910  Lerchen, M|Katz, D|Skvorak, J  The biodefense challenge: How Should the Life-Science Research Community Respond?  NCID|CDC|SGS  2003  videotape 
6911  Franz, D  The U.S. Government's Response to Bioterrorism: Implications for the Life-Sciences  SGS  2003  videotape 
6912  Steinbruner, J|Enquist, L|Franz, D|von Hippel, F  Secrecy and transparancy in research and publication in the biological sciences  SGS  2003  videotape