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4524    Uranium: resources, production and demand: summary report, 1989  OECD|IAEA  1990   
3556    An analysis of nuclear power plant operating costs  DOE|EIA  1988   
3571    Domestic uranium mining and milling industry, 1986 viability assessment  DOE|EIA  1987   
3991    Briefing book on the ABM Treaty and related issues: information and arguments on the ABM Treaty and SDI, Treaty interpretation, radar compliance, and other issues  National Campaign to Save the ABM Treaty|National Campaign to Save the ABM Treaty  1986   
6547  Bailey, E|Bailey, E|Guthrie, R|Guthrie, R|Howlett, D|Howlett, D|Simpson, J|Simpson, J  Briefing book: Volume II: Treaties, agreements and other relevant documents  PPNN|PPNN     
3580    American talk security: a series of surveys of American voters: attitudes concerning national security issues; national surveys no. 9, American use of force  Market Opinion Research  1988   
5077  Bierman, G F|Kunder, G A|Sebald, J F|Visbisky, R G  Charateristics, classification and incidence of plumes from large natural draft cooling tower  Metropolitan Edison Company  1971   
6699  Ott, E  Chaos in dynamical systems    1993   
6461  Falk, R A  Legal order in a violent world    1968   
6469  Hopkins, A T  Unchained reactions: Chernobyl, glasnost, and nuclear deterrence    1992