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6821  Stelling, HE, jr  Source category survey: uranium refining industry  EPA  1980   
6827    Uranium resources, revised estimates, 1967  IAEA|European Nuclear Energy Agency     
6830    Strategic assessment 1996: instruments of U.S. power  National Defense University|Institute for National Strategic Studies  1996   
7239    Global Fissile Materials: Increasing transparency of nuclear warhead and fissile material stocks as a step toward disarmament       
5316    Uranium: resources, production and demand, 1986  OECD|IAEA  1986   
5317    Uranium: resources, production and demand - statistical update, 1986  OECD|IAEA  1986   
6395  Eden, L, ed.|Miller, S E, ed.  Nuclear arguments: understanding the strategic nuclear arms and arms control debates    1989   
3406    Uranium industry annual 1987  DOE|EIA  1988   
6890  Till, C E|Chang, Y I|Kittel, J H  Fast breeder reactor studies: base technology  ANL  1980   
4950    Nuclear energy prospects to 2000  IEA|OECD  1982