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5120  Hosler, C|Pena, J|Pena, R  Determination of salt deposition rates from drift from evaporative cooling towers  Penn State  1972   
5887  Udall, S  The myths of August: a personal exploration of our tragic cold war affairs with the atom    1994   
5525    Uranium: resources, production and demand, 1993  OECD|IAEA  1993   
6739  Petryna, A  Life exposed: biological citizens after Chernobyl    2002   
5159  Chrzanowski, P L  Optimal attack strategy against a defended target base with a value structure  CTS|Livermore  1992   
6524  Zebroski, E L, ed  Advanced nuclear reactors    1998   
6525  Gilpin, R  War and changei in world politics    1981   
5572  Behling, H|Behling, K  Health risks associated with low doses of radiation  EPRI  1994   
6772  Ruggiero, G, ed.|Sahulka, S, ed.  Critical mass: voices for a nuclear-free future    1996   
4266    Report on the post-Chernobyl supplementary monitoring programme  CCRX  1989