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800  Forsberg, C W|Beahm, E C|Dole, L R|Icenhour, A S|Storch, S N  Disposition options for uranium-233  ORNL    book 
1025    SDI: technology, survivability, and software  OTA|SDIO  1988  book 
1404  feldman, s  Nuclear weapons and arms control in the Middle East  CSIA  1997  book 
1412  Swahn, J  The long-term nuclear explosives predicament  Chalmers University of Technology  1992  book 
1790    World nuclear fuel cycle requirements 1991  EIA|DOE  1991  data 
2005  Gillian, B J|Crawford, A|Buczek, K  Compendium of confidence-building proposals  Canada Dept of National Defense  1987  book 
2333    SIPRI yearbook 1975  SIPRI  1975  book 
2334    SIPRI yearbook 1976  SIPRI  1976  book 
2335    SIPRI yearbook 1977  SIPRI  1977  book 
2336    SIPRI yearbook 1978  SIPRI  1978  book