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7281  Li, B, ed.|Zhao, T, ed.  Understanding Chinese nuclear thinking  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace  2016  book 
7284  Grego, L|Lewis, GN|Wright, D  Shielded from oversight : the disastrous US approach to strategic missile defense  Union of Concerned Scientists  2016  book 
7227  Mandel, R  Coercing Compliance: State-Initiated Brute Force in Today's World    2015  book 
7231  von Hippel, F|MacKerron, G  IPFM Research report no.13: Alternatives to MOX: Direct-disposal options for stockpikes of separated plutonium  IPFM  2015  book 
7234  Shea, TE|Rockwood, L  IAEA verification of fissile material in support of nuclear disarmament  Harvard Kennedy School|IAEA|UN  2015  book 
7248  Zhang, H|Bai, Y  China's access to uranium resources  Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs  2015  book 
7254  Zhang, H  China's uranium enrichment capacity: rapid expansion to meet commercial needs  Harvard Kennedy School|Harvard CSIA|Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs  2015  book 
7255    SIPRI yearbook 2015: armaments, disarmament and international security  SIPRI|NATO  2015  book 
7263  Shea, TE  Assuring effective iaea verification of the iran-P5+1 Agreement  IAEA|Arms Control Association|Arms Control Today  2015  book 
7283  Gronlund, L  Bad math on new nuclear weapons : the costs of the 3+2 plan outweigh its benefits  Union of Concerned Scientists  2015  book