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6575    Final programmatic environmental impact statement for stockpile  DOE    book 
6827    Uranium resources, revised estimates, 1967  IAEA|European Nuclear Energy Agency     
6831    U. S. Nuclear weapons complex:  POGO    book 
7223  Chivian, E, ed.|Chivian, S, ed.|Lifton, RJ, ed.|Mack, :T. ed/  Last aid : the medical dimensions of nuclear war :International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War  Consists chiefly of papers from the First Congress of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, held in Washington, D.C., March 1981    book 
6987  Chyba, CF|Crouch, JD  Understanding the U.S. nulcear weapons policy debate      article 
3222    Americans talk security; a series of surveys of American voters: attitudes concerning national security issues - national survey, no.6, Viewing the world on the eve of the Moscow summit  Marttila & Kiley, inc.    survey 
6584  Mosher, D E|Schwartz, L H|Howell, D R|Davis, L E|Podvig, P  Beyond the nuclear shadow: a phaed approach for impove Nuclear Saftey and US -- Russia relations  Rand    book 
7239    Global Fissile Materials: Increasing transparency of nuclear warhead and fissile material stocks as a step toward disarmament       
7252  Findlay, T  Proliferation alert! The IAEA and non-compliance reporting  John F. Kennedy School of Government|Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs|IAEA    book 
6379  Schaper, A  A treaty on the cutoff of fissile materials for nuclear weapons-What to cover? How to verify?  PRIF    book