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7255    SIPRI yearbook 2015: armaments, disarmament and international security  SIPRI|NATO  2015  book 
7263  Shea, TE  Assuring effective iaea verification of the iran-P5+1 Agreement  IAEA|Arms Control Association|Arms Control Today  2015  book 
7283  Gronlund, L  Bad math on new nuclear weapons : the costs of the 3+2 plan outweigh its benefits  Union of Concerned Scientists  2015  book 
7253  Bunn, M|Zhang, H|Kang, L  The cost of reprocessing in China  Harvard Kennedy School|Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs  2016  book 
7259    Lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident for improving safety of U.S. nuclear plants, Phase 2  Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board|Committee on Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Plants|  2016  book 
7261    NTI nuclear materials security index : Theft /Sabotage: building a framework for assurance, accountability, and action  NTI|The Economist  2016  book 
7270    Prospects for nuclear power in the Middle East: Russia's interests  Valdai Discussion Club  2016  book 
7273  Albright, D|Stricker, A  Revisiting South Africa's nuclear weapons program: its history, dismantlement, and lessons for today  Institute for Science & International Security|ISIS  2016  book 
7274  Butler, GL  Uncommon cause : a life at odds with convention    2016  book 
7275  Butler, GL  Uncommon cause : a life at odds with convention    2016  book