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7210  Zarimpas, N, ed  Transparency in nuclear warheads and materials : the political and technical dimensions  SIPRI  2003  book 
7081  Younger, SM  The bomb: a new history    2009  book 
6384  Young, S W  Pushing the limits: the decision on National Missile Defense  Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers|Council for a Livable World Education Fund  2000  book 
4841  York, H F  Remarks about minimum deterrence  Livermore|CTS  1991  book 
6535  York, H  The origins of MIRV  SIPRI  1966  book 
6392  York, H  Race to oblivion: a participant's view of the arms race    1970  book 
6041  Yoon, S R  Development of an environmental monitoring system for fission product gases  University of Pittsburgh  1996  Thesis (Ph.D.) 
3364  Yingzhong, L  The development of nuclear energy in China  ERG  1984  draft 
6583  Yefremov, A Y  Nuclear disarmament    1979  book 
6485  Yarynich, V E  C3: nuclear command, control, cooperation  Center for Defense Information  2003  book