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5886    Management and disposition of excess weapons plutonium  NAS  1994  book 
6215    Bibliography on arms control verification: second update  Canada Dept of External Affairs  1993  bibliography 
2428    Arms control in outer space; hearings before the Subcommittee on International Security and Scientific Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress; November 10, 1983, April 10, May 2, and July 26, 1984    1984  hearing 
6216    Bibliography on amers control verfication: fifth update  Canada Dept of External Affairs  1996  bibliography 
6486    International Atomic Energy Agency: Personal Reflections  IAEA  1997  book 
2429    Report to the Congress on the Strategic Defense Initiative 1985  DOD|SDIO  1985  book 
6217    Anti-personnel land mines: an annotated bibliography  Canada Dept of External Affairs  1996  bibliography 
6487    Nonproliferation and arms control assessment of weapons-usable fissile material storage and excess plutonium disposition alternatives  DOE  1997  book 
6724    Managing plutonium in Britain: current options  Oxford Research Group  1998  book 
2430    Star wars quotes; statements by Reagan administration officials, outside experts, members of Congress, U.S. allies, and Soviet officials on the Strategic Defense Initiative  ACA|Reagan, R  1986  book