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6481    Nuclear materials management, XXIII    1994  proceeding 
4109    Building a 600-ship navy: costs, timing, and alternative approaches  CBO  1982  book 
6482    SIPRI yearbook 2003: armaments, disarmament and international security  SIPRI  2003  book 
5884    Non-seismic technologies in support of a nuclear test ban  Canada Dept of External Affairs  1993  book 
6212    Stockpile stewardship program 30-day review  DOE  1999  book 
6483    The possible use of biological weapons by terrorist groups  International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology  2002  proceeding 
6721    End points for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste in Russia and the United States  NRC  2003  book 
7119    Saveguard against nuclear proliferation  SIPRI  1975  book 
4111    Costs of expanding and modernizing the navy's carrier-based air forces  CBO  1983  book 
3022    Organizations involved in Soviet-American relations, June 1986  ISAR  1986  directory