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4572  Grin, J  Military-technological choices and political implications: command and control in established NATO posture and a non-provocative defense  vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  1990  Thesis (Ph.D.) 
6515  Findlay, T, ed.  Verification yearbook 2003  VERTIC  2003  book 
6276  Lewis, P M  Laying the foundations for getting to zero: verifying transition to low levels of nuclear weapons  VERTIC  1998  book 
6422  Findlay, T, ed.  Verification yearbook 2001  VERTIC  2001  book 
6703    Verification yearbook 2004  VERTIC  2004  book 
6476  Findlay, T., ed.  Verification yearbook 2002  VERTIC  2002  book 
7115  Cliff, D|Elbahtimy, H|Persbo, A  Verifying warhead dismantlement: past, present, future  VERTIC  2010  book 
7143    Mary Davis Files  Valduc|Areva|Marcoule|Tricastin|Pierrelatte    book 
7270    Prospects for nuclear power in the Middle East: Russia's interests  Valdai Discussion Club  2016  book 
4184  Pimakov, Y, ed.  Disarmament and security yearbook, 1988-1989  USSR Academy of Sciences|IMEMO  1989  book