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3240  von Hippel, F., ed.|Epstein, J., ed.  Conventional arms control and the security of Europe  |Woodrow Wilson School  1988  collection 
7215  Fisher, CS  Reformation and Resistance: Nongovernmental Organizations and the future of nuclear weapons  |The Henry L. Stimson Center  1999  book 
6835    Safety and securityof commercial spent nuclear fuel storage: public report  |NRC  2006  book 
4610  Charo, A  Continental air defense: a neglected dimension of strategic defense  |CSIA  1990  book 
4903  Morris, E, ed.  International verification organizations  York U  1991  directory 
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7096  Dankers, C, ed.  Securing the future: a compendium of best practices for nuclear security management  World Institute for Nuclear Security|WiNS  2012  book 
6787    Weapons of terror: freeing the world of nuclear , biological and chemical arms  WMDC  2006  book 
6378    Effects of nuclear war on health and health services  WHO  1987  book 
6660  Weinberg, A M, ed.|Alonso, M, ed.|Barkenbus, J N, ed.  The nuclear connection  Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy  1985  book