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2437  Preddey, G F|Kjellstrom, T E|Wilkins, P C|Williamson, B R|Wilson, N A  Future contingencies 4. Nuclear disaster; a report to the Commission for the Future    1982  book 
6494  Kahn, H  On escalation: metaphors and scenarios    1965  book 
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6496  Brodie, B  Strategy in the missile age    1965  book 
6497  Gaddis, J L  Strategies of containment: a critical appraisal of postwar American national security policy    1982  book 
6982  Orleans, LA, ed.  Science in comtemporary China    1980  book 
6498  Ground Zero (Project)  Nuclear war: What's in it for you ?    1982  book 
2443  Thompson, S L|Aleksandrov, V V|Stenchikov, G L|Schneider, S H|Covey, C|Chervin, R M  Global climatic consequences of nuclear war: simulations with three dimensional models    1984  article 
6501  Arkin, WM|Fieldhouse, RW  Nuclear battlefields: global links in the arms race    1985  book