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6422  Findlay, T, ed.  Verification yearbook 2001  VERTIC  2001  book 
6703    Verification yearbook 2004  VERTIC  2004  book 
6476  Findlay, T., ed.  Verification yearbook 2002  VERTIC  2002  book 
7115  Cliff, D|Elbahtimy, H|Persbo, A  Verifying warhead dismantlement: past, present, future  VERTIC  2010  book 
4572  Grin, J  Military-technological choices and political implications: command and control in established NATO posture and a non-provocative defense  vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  1990  Thesis (Ph.D.) 
6660  Weinberg, A M, ed.|Alonso, M, ed.|Barkenbus, J N, ed.  The nuclear connection  Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy  1985  book 
6378    Effects of nuclear war on health and health services  WHO  1987  book 
6787    Weapons of terror: freeing the world of nuclear , biological and chemical arms  WMDC  2006  book 
7096  Dankers, C, ed.  Securing the future: a compendium of best practices for nuclear security management  World Institute for Nuclear Security|WiNS  2012  book 
3880  Renner, M  National security: the economic and environmental dimensions  Worldwatch Insititute  1989  book