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2423  Sweetman, B|Gunston, B  Soviet air power; an illustrated encyclopedia of the Warsaw Pact air forces today    1978  book 
5882  von Hippel, F|Diakov, A  Eliminating nuclear warheads    1993  paper 
6481    Nuclear materials management, XXIII    1994  proceeding 
2424  DiCerto, J J  Missile base beneath the sea: the story of Polaris    1967  book 
2425  Polmar, N  The American submarine    1981  book 
5119  Schaerf, C, ed.|Longo, G, ed.|Carlton, D, ed.  Space and nuclear weaponry in the 1990's    1992  book 
5885  O'Prey, K P  A farewell to arms: Russia's struggles with defense conversion    1995  book 
2428    Arms control in outer space; hearings before the Subcommittee on International Security and Scientific Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress; November 10, 1983, April 10, May 2, and July 26, 1984    1984  hearing 
5887  Udall, S  The myths of August: a personal exploration of our tragic cold war affairs with the atom    1994   
7121  Snyder, JC|Wells, SF  Limiting nuclear proliferation    1985  book